Boycott YouTube Ads Placed on Abused Pet Monkey Videos

This petition appeals to YouTube to stop placing ads on videos of monkeys being exploited and abused as pets on Youtbe channels for profit.


Popular with Western viewers, every day in East Asian countries where owning monkeys is illegal, infant monkeys are tormented, abused for profit on hundreds of YouTube video channels in fake pet videos. No one profits from this activity but the channels, advertisers and YouTube. The industry is driven by that profit motive and the monkeys themselves are disposable. For the owners, who are often well off,  it’s any easy income from the gullible.

Stolen for Youtube exploitation from mothers who are often killed, they endure being physically  disciplined, clothed, diapered, drugged and treated with cruelty on video for those views and advertising money. As they grow and stop earning keep, the owners trash them and get a new little monkey victim. And YouTube and the advertisers are right there to take their cut from exploiting the new victim.

YouTube can and does place ads on these vile channels whether or not the creator is paid. Ads run on the video while viewers visit the channel returning repeatedly to the comment section where the video/ad is not visible. The advertiser, who assumes the ad is always seen, gets paid. You can make a difference by getting an ad blocker, boycotting the ads.

Let YouTube and the advertisers know that you are not going tolerate them making money this way. Make your voice be heard that you do not support any animal abusers including anyone profiting from abusing illegally captured baby monkeys. Tell YouTube to shut down these channels for the protection of the little monkeys.



Awareness for captive pet primates.