Justice for a Captive Pet Primate Exploited on YouTube 

This petition makes a plea to YouTube in the name of justice for a captive pet macaque, one of many. Her story is the sad exploitation for YouTube profit.

Pictured above being followed by cameramen, the unfortunate macaque was first presented as a pet baby. She passed through the hands of several owners who treated her with cruelty and abuse and was abandoned as a juvenile. She was acquired by a group of YouTubers who are gathering a large troop of abandoned pets and orphans for YouTube filming in a popular kocation and relentlessly harrased and filmed for profit. When she was injured she was removed to a facility for care and maintenance, that removal afforded a video. She was further filmed up to and including critical condition as promotional videos for the facility which were licensed by the facility to other channels for profit. She was last seen in an 8 minute video, lying inert with an inoperable condition that the facility shamefully blamed her poor spirit for in part.

We are asking YouTube to upgrade their community standards and develop manual and artificial intelligence reporting tools to allow reporting of abused captive baby monkeys including adapting facial recognition being used in smart phones to breed recognition. This industry encourages abuse and cruelty of the small primates for profit, fuels the demand for them as pets in their native countries and puts them at risk for being trafficked as exotic pets, travelling in disease filled conditions that they may be susceptible to and unwittingly  pass on to others of their kind and perhaps to humans.

Please support this effort to protect the monkeys from the abuse that this pigtail macaque suffered. SAY NO to the primate pet abuse industry on Youtube.



Awareness for captive pet primates.